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Corporate Social Responsibility

Joyn Travels is dedicated to promoting responsible tourism. We have integrated social responsibilities in the core of our business so that we can provide humanity with more benefits while working to preserve the environment.

Your travel is worthwhile only if you experience a different culture and appreciate the differences that exist between it and your culture. Whilst at this, you should provide something back for the local people who make your trip more welcoming and special.

We respect the traditions that are followed by the people in different regions and we share this knowledge with all our clients, so as to promote respect and mutual understanding.
We prevent any offenses that we can and we help our clients to value the different cultures in the world. This enriches their experience and provides enjoyment to the localities as well.

We try our level best to ensure that all locally operated companies gain benefits from our tours, and so we arrange for accommodation in local restaurants, eat local food, appoint local people to serve as tour guides, and use locally manufactured equipment.

We preserve the environment by trying to reduce harmful emission. This we achieve by recycling and reusing whatever we can while ensuring that wild life and natural habitat is not affected by our actions. In this policy, we have highlighted all the practices which we are committed to achieving. It provides complete details on the actions which we are currently following and what we intend to do in the future. We constantly revise this policy to improve it, and we welcome any feedback which you can provide us.