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Safety Policy

If the country’s Foreign Office advises that travellers should not visit a particular country, then we’ll act on this to keep you safe and reserve the right to cancel your holiday. We’ll do our best to create a new holiday for you within your price range, but if this can’t be done or travel is imminent, we’ll offer you the option of cancelling your holiday with a full refund.

You have the same responsibility for your personal safety and possessions as you do at home, so take look at the travel advice before you travel. You can choose your destination and find advice including local laws and customs.

We’re here to spark your sense of adventure and help you discover destinations all over the world. However, please be aware some destinations – including hotels, public transport or local food vendors – don’t always meet the health and safety standards. We request in our Code Of Conduct that all of our suppliers comply with local regulations and laws, so it’s wise to keep this in mind to protect yourself and your travelling companions.

The following are some steps that can be undertaken by the tourists to ensure safety.

The common travel mistakes tourists often make and what to do instead is as follows

Common Travel Mistakes

1.      Eating unhygienic food.

2.      Not maintaining enough distance in queues

3.      Not gathering enough information about the route and destination.

4.      Ignoring hand-hygiene.

5.      Touching surfaces with your hands.

6.      Making cash transactions.

7.      Panicking and spreading rumours.

What to Do Instead

1.      Carry your own food or eat from clean places.

2.      Remember the "arm's length" rule from school?

3.      Read travel advisories for your source and destination cities.

4.      Sing the chorus of 'Suhana Safar twice in your head while washing hands.

5.      Mind those staircase railings and use a pen to punch elevator buttons

6.      Use digital wallets and UPI payments

7.      Fact-check everything before sharing Fake news is a reality.


What you can do

1 Carry gloves, masks, sanitiser, wipes and medicines. 2 Download Aarogya Setu and other state-specified apps. 3 Keep your e-boarding pass and other required documents ready. 4 Carry minimal check-in and hand baggage. 5 Wear your mask throughout the journey. 6 Clean toilet seats with a disinfectant wipe before use 7 Sanitise your hands after touching doors, check-in counters etc. 8 Remain in your seat as much as possible.


What You Can do

1 Book your tickets online. 2 Arrive at least 90 minutes prior to train departure. 3 Carry your own snacks, linen, reading material etc. 4 Use masks gloves, sanitizer, wipes and pocket liquid soap. 5 Carry only minimum essential luggage. 6 Push doors with your shoulders or hips instead 7 Sanitise your bag once you leave the train.


What can you do to stay safe?

1 Clean your hands before entering a vehicle and after exiting. 2 Avoid contact with common touch points of the cab, unless necessary. 3 Use digital payment options instead of cash. 4 Follow seating guidelines and pax, limits as laid out by the government. 5 Keep a copy of your ePass and other required documents handy. 6 If travelling by overnight bus, carry your own blanket and linen. 7 Discard all used tissues outside the vehicle, in a proper bin.


What You Can do

1 Avoid touching check-in counters, card machines, brochures etc. 2 Carry your own photo copy of the ID proof. 3 Do a cursory room clean up yourself, with special attention to light switches, remote-control, telephone receiver and washroom handles 4 Sanitize any items picked from the minibar before use 5 Avoid buffets and opt for in-room dining


From restaurants, market-places and public spaces, your post-quarantine life will have to adapt to a new normal.

Eat Clean

1 Choose hygienic places serving freshly-cooked food.

2 Avoid street food for a little longer.

3 Wash your hands before and after every meal.

4 Feel free to wipe down the table and arm rests. No one will mind.

5 Try carrying your own water.

Shop Smart

1 Indulge in online retail therapy, or choose a less-crowded market-place.

2 Make a list so you can shop quickly and efficiently.

3 Support local and small businesses as much as possible.

Bank With Care

1 Wear a mask, and carry your own pen.

2 Keep documents and cards handy before you enter.

3 Sanitize your hands after handling currency notes