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“Malaysia is a nation defined by its colourful cultures, dense jungle interiors, incredible wildlife and out-of-this-world beaches”

"A potpourri of all things Asian, Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. An intriguing blend of diverse wildlife, idyllic islands, magnanimous mountains, rainforests, and rich culinary landscape makes it one of the most visited tourist places in Asia.”

- “Malaysia is a country unlike any other: Full of promise and fragility. Its history, cultural and religious diversity make it a rich, compelling and surprising land.” ~ Tariq Ramadan

Rich cultural history, beautiful historical landmarks and mesmerizing local lifestyle attracts so many tourists from around the globe to Malaysia.The multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual country is divided into two regions by the South China Sea - Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Surrounding these territorial boundaries are stunning islands and an array of landscapes.

Spiritual Salvation

From magnificent mosques and churches, to stunningly colourful temples, the country is home to many must-visit prayers of worship.Travellers interested in culture and history are in for a treat here

Culinary Curiosity

Malaysian food doesn't get the global recognition it deserves. But the fact is, this stuff is good!The sum of many delicious parts, Malaysians have over the years adopted each other's dishes to suit the taste buds of their own culture, the influences include Chinese, Indian and Malay

Wildlife Wanderlust

The wildlife of Malaysia is diverse, with Malaysia being a megadiverse country. Most of the country is covered in rainforest, which hosts a huge diversity of plant and animal species.

World Heritage Sites

Malaysia currently has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ranging from an archaeological wonders, to lush rainforests and heritage towns.The first two sites, GunungMulu National Park and Kinabalu Park, were listed in 2000.


Beautiful Islands

The Malaysia islands look no less than shining gemstones, and the experiences they offer only make them a desirable destination. Be it romancing with your loved one, spending time with your family, or chilling with your friends, these islands got you covered.

National Parks

Malaysia's national parks spoil visitors with their natural splendours. They are packed with scenic waterfalls,rushing rivers, millennia-old caves systems, mighty mountains and adventures for those who seek them. Malaysia has a number of national parks, but most of them are de facto state parks. All parks and reserves in Peninsular Malaysia are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Malaysia.