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“From frozen Siberian lands to volcanic regions and the bustling cities in between, Russia offers more than any tourist can experience in one vacation”

Rich in natural landscapes and enormous tracts of land, the country is home to the largest freshwater lake in the world. Rivers and forests encompassing amazing flora and fauna, awe-inspiring volcanoes, the icy tundra region and the sun-kissed beaches, colourful cultural heritage, remarkable historical monuments, and inimitable cities are what adorn this country and make Russia a beckoning land to explore. Adding to its charm, the old Russian cities of Vladimir, SergievPosad, Suzdal, Rostov, Kostroma and others make the jewels of Russia’s Golden Ring.

“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. – Winston Churchill

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Breath-taking Lakes

Russia is the world’s largest country in terms of surface area. It is no surprise that more than 2 million lakes are found in the territory of Russia. While some of the lakes are very big in size most of them are small.As the lakes dominated numbers within the land of Russia, fishing has become a common pastime among the people.

Wildlife Wanderlust

Given its tremendous size, it is no surprise that Russia hosts an incredible variety of ecosystems and associated wildlife.Temperate forests cover 70% of the country - making up a third of all temperate forest on Earth – but other habitats range from the steppe grasslands of the south to the frozen tundra and Arctic deserts of the far north. Wildlife found here include the Arctic fox, walrus and polar bear.

Majestic Mountains

The Caucasus, Altai, Urals, Siberia, Kamchatka - there are many locations in Russia where mountain-lovers, alpinists, and hikers can experience the magic of mighty peaks for themselves.

World Heritage Sites

- Russia boasts some of the most dazzling cultural and natural sights in the world. From the world’s largest museum to its oldest and deepest lake, outrageously gilded palaces to elaborate timber monasteries, this country conjures up a special kind of magic. With 26 UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which 16 are cultural and 10 are natural, there is no shortage of wonders here.

National Parks

Russia has a total of 48 national parks whose establishment began in the late 1980s. The oldest national park is the LosinyOstrov which was established in 1983 and occupies an area of 44.8 square miles. These national parks have been set aside for the protection of the natural environment, for ecological education and the preservation of the beauty, and historical value found in some of these parks.

Architectural Marvels

The beauty of Russia is hardly a chore, not when it has awe-inspiring architecture throughout its vast nation. As Russia is the largest country in the world, it can get overwhelming figuring out where to start.From the introduction of Orthodox Christianity by the Byzantine Empire and the era of Russian tsars, to the famous Russian buildings of different art movements, Russia’s unique background is a lot to take in.